Across Systems mit neuer Marketingleitung für den Bereich Across-Technologie


On March 20, 2018, Anja Bergemann was appointed Team Leader Marketing at Across Systems GmbH. She is thus responsible for the software manufacturer's marketing activities in the Across technology unit. The online platform crossMarket has been carved out as a separate business unit with dedicated marketing.

Since 2012, Anja Bergemann had taken care of all text and design-related work at Across Systems. She has an M.A. in German philology, communication sciences, and English philology, a degree in marketing administration, and several years of experience in the agency environment. "Anja was an ideal candidate for this job. She has been a key player in the Across marketing department for several years, and her qualifications are exactly what is needed for this position", says Tanja Wendling, who had served as Head of Marketing at Across Systems since 2013. "I have a good feeling about the transfer of duties. I wish Anja all the best for her new assignment."

Tanja Wendling will be in charge of the newly established business unit for the online platform crossMarket.

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