Translation Management Easy and Secure

while ensuring maximum translation quality and text consistency

The Distinctive Quality of Across

Thanks to a closed supply chain and numerous automation features, Across supports information security in translation processes, while ensuring maximum translation quality and text consistency.

Project Management



Professional translation management in the entire supply chain and for enterprises of any size

The Across Language Server can substantially reduce the overhead caused by complex tasks in the translation process. Regardless of the source text format, all parties involved work on a central platform. Thus, editors and translators can access the same consistent data, and customers can assign projects and track the work progress in a transparent manner. You can easily connect the Language Servers of your language service providers or international subsidiaries to your own system. Other persons, such as freelance translators or reviewers, can also be granted access via a web browser.

If necessary, the project management can take place via the web. For this, individual team members do not need their own Across installations, but can work on the respective Language Server using their browsers.

Quality Management

Translation Quality Management

The Across Language Server offers functions that help you to avoid inconsistencies, e.g. by checking the text length, spelling, or completeness during the translation – even if you are not familiar with the target language. Additionally, standard-compliant release steps can be defined for maximum translation quality.

Proofreading translations in the target country is an important but laborious quality assurance measure. The collaboration between the translation coordinator and the reviewer is vital for a smooth procedure. The reviewer might be a product specialist who is based at an overseas subsidiary, a language service provider, or a freelance translator. Across offers tools for seamless, transparent implementation of location-independent review processes. Under consideration of their (linguistic) competence, the persons involved can be granted individual commenting or editing rights. The uniform review process reduces correction times and helps translators to avoid similar mistakes in the future. In Across, the review can be conducted in two modes: Reviewers who use Across frequently can use the same interface as the translators. By contrast, the new crossWeb Review Mode mainly addresses users with limited tool skills. For this purpose, the functionality has been trimmed down to the necessary scope, enabling use of the system even without any additional training.

Project Overview

Translation Project Overview

In the Project Management Cockpit, enhanced functions for power users and customizable queries facilitate translation management. The new module provides diverse options for querying translation and project management-relevant indicators. If necessary, these indicators can be presented as dashlets in the Across Dashboard, the start page. For example, you can have your unfinished tasks or upcoming deadlines displayed. On the Dashboard, you can also implement direct links to Across functions, websites, file folders, or programs in the form of dashlets.

Process Optimization Analyses

Translation Process Optimization Analyses

Numerous reporting and analysis options in Across assist you in identifying optimization potential and deriving cost reduction measures. Thanks to the applied business intelligence methods, both retrospective reports and current status information can be provided. Across v6 offers the Across Data Cube as an add-on component. This component facilitates the extraction of project-related indicators directly from MS Excel. For example, you can analyze your translation costs over time or the growth of the translation volume of a certain language and have these data displayed in clearly structured charts. Moreover, various data relevant to your supplier ratings, such as the costs per match range or late deliveries, assist you in project management and form a comprehensive basis for decisions.

Translating with Across

The translation memory stores source and target sentence pairs in a central database and makes them available to all involved in a project. In this way, they can be reused for subsequent translations. This approach prevents extra workload from the exchange of translation memory data. Regardless of the file format of the source text, you translate in the same working environment. Across enables hassle-free operations even in the case of special requirements such as the translation of display texts with defined line lengths or documents (.doc and .idml) with change tracking.

Process Control and Automation

Across Language Portal

Across Language Portal

In large organizations, the functionality of the Across Language Server can be made available to an unlimited number of users from different departments with the help of the portal solution. As a web-based frontend, the Across Language Portal enables operations such as the structured transfer of translation tasks and data to the central translation management unit in the company. In the Portal, users can check the status of their tasks at all times and retrieve finished translations.

On the Across Language Server, which serves as the backend, the translation tasks commissioned via the Portal flow directly into the respective workflows, where the responsible department can seamlessly delegate them to language service providers or translators. Using the Language Portal, lean translation processes can be realized even in large organizations.

Define Workflows

Translation workflows

By means of defined workflows, you can map your individual translation processes to the system. The automation of process steps relieves project managers from the bulk of repetitive tasks. All steps that can be logically mapped and standardized can be automated. For example, the system can assign translation tasks according to the type of document, size, target language, due date, and availability of translators, and the work can be continually monitored for compliance with the deadline. This reduces error sources and ensures a more efficient process design, especially if the translation volume is large.

Connect Third-Party Systems

Translation software interfaces

The Across Language Server features open interfaces for the direct connection of interacting systems. Information can be exchanged across systems, thereby reducing the manual workload, coordination cycles, and potential error sources. Apart from making the actual translation management a seamless process, this concept also allows the integration of upstream and downstream process steps. The open architecture with standard interfaces and application programming interfaces (API) is documented in detail.

With the component crossConnect for External Editing (available from v6.3), it is also possible to directly integrate third-party systems in your Across workflows for the purpose of an intermediate external document editing step outside Across within the scope of the translation process. For example, you can export tasks to authorized machine translation or quality assurance systems or external correction processes and then re-import the results in a controlled manner.

The connection of third-party systems to the Across Language Server provides various application options for the daily work of editors and translators:

  • Easy exchange of data
  • Provision of context information
  • Automation of translation tasks
  • Expansion of the project management function
  • Integration of leading online dictionaries
  • Controlled opening of the supply chain for external document editing

Across Interfaces

You can either integrate Across in your own company network or use it in a hosted environment. Thus, the translation management with Across can be embedded in your company's infrastructure under consideration of your needs.

Across for Enterprises

Across Language Server

The Central Platform for Your Language Resources and Translation Processes

The Across Language Server addresses the needs of enterprises with a larger translation volume. The basis always consists of the uniform work environment in which the project manager, language service providers, and freelance translators with access to the translation memory and to your corporate terminology collaborate. Numerous project management functions facilitate the daily work, and reports and analyses assist you in optimizing your translation processes.

Small Business Edition

The Lean Software Solution for Your Entry into Professional Translation Management

Across enables even companies or departments with a smaller translation volume to optimize their processes and make the entire translation management more efficient. With the Small Business Edition, you can benefit from professional tools such as the translation memory and the terminology system. With the help of the scalable system, you can also pave the way for your growing requirements and translation volumes. All along, you retain the sovereignty over your databases and keep track of your costs.

Project Management Edition

Server-Based Translation Solution for Lone Warriors in the Enterprise

The Project Management Edition addresses companies in which individual employees are responsible for coordinating translations. Project management, translation memory, and the terminology system are unified on a central platform. Your internal translation coordinator is networked with the external translation service provider and can save a lot of time thanks to the automation of recurring administrative steps. It is also possible to connect a third-party system, e.g. an editorial system. With the Across Project Management Edition, you can easily and inexpensively embark on professional, efficient translation management.

Olympus Europa

Apart from saving us a lot of time and costs for the translation, the uniform system gives us better control of the data used

Gisbert Meyer, Documentation Services Specialist

Minitab Inc.

With the help of Across, our translation management process has been improved significantly. We now have a central system that seamlessly integrates with our CMS, which results in more consistent data and the ability to work with our multi-language vendors easily

John Wilcock, Staff Localization Specialist at Minitab

HIMA Paul Hildebrandt

Standardized terminology will of course have a positive effect on our external image and enable shorter product cycles thanks to shorter review processes.

Cecilia Mongardi, Graduate Translator at HIMA

SMA Solar Technology AG

Our introduction to the system took one day, and on the next day, we could already start using it. After only eight weeks, we achieved ROI.

Jürgen Sapara, Director Technical Documentation & Translation Management

Metrohm AG

With the help of Across, the translation process was professionalized. This resulted in a significant improvement of the quality, quantity, and speed of the translations.

Dr. Roland Dörig, Head of Technical Editing


Across proved to be the perfect partner when it came to setting up a professional translation management system

Michèle Staedele, Translation and Terminology Management

Across for Language Service Providers

Across LSP Edition

Handling of All Projects on a Central Platform

Many language service providers are faced with the challenge of duly managing a growing number of translation jobs with a small text volume. For each project, this generates a high administrative overhead for internal communication and coordination. Using Across, you can automate many of these previously manual steps. The LSP Edition, an Across Language Server edition custom-tailored to the needs of language service providers, assists you in streamlining processes and working in a time and cost-efficient way.

Across Subcontractor Edition

Inexpensive Entry

The Subcontractor Edition is the inexpensive Across solution for language service providers. In this way, you can benefit from the advantages of Across even if you only want to process translations for a single customer. Moreover, the Subcontractor Edition helps you to reduce the administrative overhead of your translation processes in order to operate in a time and cost-saving manner. The system grows with your requirements, and you can upgrade to the LSP Edition whenever you wish in order to connect additional customers.

Interlingua Language Service (ILS) GmbH

Thanks to Across, our customers can now influence and control the quality assurance of the supplied translations

Mag. Sabine Kern, Director

Ciklopea Ltd.

With the Across Language Server, we have achieved better control over the entire production cycle of translations, and we have optimized our time and quality assurance management.

Mladen Stojak, Managing Director

Schmieder Übersetzungen GmbH

Especially small and medium-sized businesses benefit provably from the use of the Language Server. We can show you the actual savings over a particular time period.

Florian Schmieder, Schmieder Übersetzungen GmbH

JABA-Translations Portugal

Across not only reduces our administrative overhead but also assists us in complying with our high quality standards.

Joaquim Alves, CEO & President

Transline Deutschland GmbH

Thanks to the deployment and comprehensive application areas of Across and the combination with our own automation solutions, we have cut process times substantially and optimized workflows.

Dr. Wolfgang Sturz, Director

translate plus

Since the introduction of Across Language Server two years ago, we have been able to step up our revenues with Across projects by approximately €150,000.

Svenja Müller, Area Manager DACH

mt-g medical translation GmbH & Co. KG

Our goal is to provide our customers with innovative, high-quality, cost-optimized specialized translation services. Sound Across skills are a precondition for generating maximum system benefit (quality, process reliability). Our customers value our Across certification – now also for version v6.3 – which furnishes proof of our long-standing Across experience.

Samuel Aubin, Head of Quality Management

Across for Freelance Translators

The One-Stop CAT Tool Package – Across Translator Edition

The Across Translator Edition is the standalone application of Across for freelance translators. With the help of this edition, you can reuse contents, control processes, and ensure high text quality. In this way, you can significantly reduce your translation workload.

Your CAT tool is always bundled with your crossMarket account. crossMarket, the new online network for all Across users, helps you to develop new sales potential and network with your customers.

Get Started – Freelancer

Across facilitates a smooth cooperation with high-volume customers thanks to standardized processes for the management of multilingual translation projects. The various quality assurance tools provided at the end of the translation process are especially helpful.

Martin Ritschel, Graduate translator