Terminology Management

Consistent Corporate Terminology in All Translation Projects

Strengthen Your Corporate Identity and Save Costs

Consistent terminology is a key element of your corporate identity and shapes the external perception of your enterprise. Moreover, if you have documentation, product information, and other documents translated into various foreign languages, the corporate terminology offers a significant savings potential. Different variants of specialized terms can easily multiply to hundreds of additional translated words. By contrast, if a standard term is determined in a terminology system, it only needs to be translated once.


Systematic Terminology Management

The crossTerm terminology system is one of the standard components of the Across Language Server. It aggregates all available information on every term in a well-structured form. Apart from the translation, this may include definitions, figures, or usage information. During the translation, Across proposes terms that suit the current sentence, which you can directly apply to the translation. crossTerm supports the entire process from the definition of preferred and forbidden terms to the editorial stage to the translation, review, and quality assurance. Thus, your terminology remains consistent in all documents.

Using terminology successfully also means that some technical terms, brand or product names are identical in the source language and all target languages and may not be translated. These terms can be blocked for translation using placeables.

Optional Additional Components

Benefit from Terminology Work throughout the Enterprise

Terminology work does not only concern the technical documentation or the marketing work. In fact, consistent terminology underlines the quality of the entire corporate communication. Therefore, crossTerm can be used throughout the company, if this is desired. In this way, the terminology system can be accessed not only by editors and translators, but also by all other departments. As the requirements for the terminology system can differ from department to department, this can be fine-tuned with a flexible rights and profile system. Thus, you can determine who is to be able to see and edit which entries. The shared use of the corporate vocabulary also promotes the acceptance of the terminology work in the company.

crossTerm Now

Terminology the Easy Way

Even users who seldom have to do with this subject can benefit from your terminology work. For example, terminology can serve as a comprehensive knowledge repository for the heating system installation staff and marketing or office management staff alike.

With crossTerm Now, you can easily make your corporate terminology available online (with login or guest access), enabling access to it from anywhere, e.g. even with the smartphone.

crossTerm Now Workflows

for Easy Terminology Management

crossTerm Now Workflows enables you to create individual workflows for the term proposals of your employees and translations on the local server. The new login function enables you to manage user profiles with different access rights.

crossTerm Lookup

Terminology Research in Other Applications

Using crossTerm Lookup, research can be conducted in the terminology system wherever text can be copied to the clipboard in MS Windows.

Using the crossTerm API (read-only) as an interface, it is also possible to do research from a third-party system.

Further Components

of the Across Language Server

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Terminology Workflows – Moving Toward Improved Consistency

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