Technical Documentation

Cut Translation Costs by up to 80 Percent

For the sales activities in international markets, product documentation needs to be translated faster than ever. The Across Language Server makes sure that you do not need to sacrifice quality, while keeping your costs manageable.

Save Costs with a Translation Memory

Maintain the translations of your manuals, user instructions, and specifications in a central translation memory. In this way, released text elements can be reused over and over again, which means that only entirely new texts need to be translated from scratch. In this way, you can cut your translation costs by up to 80 percent.

Consistent Corporate Terminology

By using uniform terminology, you can further reduce your translation costs. Moreover, this improves the text comprehension and reduces the need for customer inquiries, thereby boosting the customer satisfaction. Other departments also benefit from a well-maintained terminology database that assists them in ensuring consistent corporate communication.

Integrate All Who Are Involved in the Project

Across allows you to integrate internal and external team members as well as service providers in the translation process. All who are involved in a project have access to the same consistent data. Review processes can also be mapped easily, e.g. by involving your international subsidiaries.

Accelerate Processes

Automate redundant process steps such as the assignment of translation jobs to a specific translation partner. You can further accelerate your translation process by directly connecting your editorial system or CMS.


Seamlessly integrate Across in your processes

Would you like to seamlessly combine editorial and translation processes? Do you plan to open your supply chain in a controlled and purposeful manner in order to enable external processing?

Thanks to our collaboration with technology partners and the combination of our expertise, we are able to offer our customers first-class solutions for their individual processes and requirements. Optimize your translation processes by connecting interacting systems and add exciting features to your Across ecosystem.

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