Updating Your Across Version

Latest update for the Across Language Server: v7.0 9618


Release Notes v7.0 9618

The purpose of updates is to install changes to the program within a defined Across version.

If you need the latest update for the Across Language Server, please contact our

Support Desk

General notes

  • Please read this page completely before updating.
  • For more information, please refer to the latest Across documentation and our FAQs. If you have any questions, please contact our Support desk before updating.
  • You need administrator rights for the respective computer.
  • We recommend backing up all your Across data (or those of the entire computer) before updating.
  • The latest update contains all changes available for the defined Across version; any existing older updates do not need to be installed.
  • Unlike the older versions of the Personal Edition, the update packages of the Across Language Server can no longer be used for updating the Across Translator Edition.
  • If you operate an Across Server, please make sure that all Clients are updated.
  • If you operate an Across Server and an Across Client on the same computer, you only need to install the update once.
  • Please note: If you use an Across Translator Edition, please inform your customers before you update your system.


Updating an Across Language Server

Please note: In the case of large databases, it may take up to half an hour for the crossTank Server to start after installing the update.

  1. Notify any Clients that may be logged on that the Across Server will be temporarily unavailable.
  2. Stop all relevant services (Across Server, crossTank, and crossTerm in crossAdmin and, if applicable, crossAPI and crossVPN) and close crossAdmin and, if applicable, Across on the server.
  3. Open the Control Panel. Under Administration > Services, check whether the said services have really been stopped.
  4. Run Across.Setup.exe.
  5. Restart the Across Server (or restart the services that were stopped).

Detailed information on the applied update is available in the log directory of your Across installation.

Updating the Across Translator Edition (Including Offline Client)

Please note that the Across Translator Edition v7 installation package can be used both for a new installation of version 7 and for an update from version 6.3. The installation procedure is identical in both cases. Before updating, be sure to back up your Across data and upload the current state of your tasks to the Across Server of the respective customer. Detailed information on backing up and restoring data and on uploading the current task state to an Across Language Server is available in the administrator manual of the Across Translator Edition.

Please also note that an update to v7 is only possible if v6.3 is already installed. If you have version prior to v6.3 and would like to update to v7, please contact the Across support desk. Please send your request to the Across support via the Across ticket system only.

Quick guide:

  1. Download the installation package and save the contents to your hard disk.
  2. Log in to your PC as a user with administrator rights.
  3. If necessary, unzip the archive file containing the Across installation files and save the extracted files to your hard disk.
  4. Run Across.Setup.exe.
  5. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

Detailed installation instructions are available in the "Administrator Manual", which is included in the installation package.