Terminology Training

1 day of training on your premises

For Newcomers and Advanced Users

You would like to set up terminology using crossTerm, the Across terminology team, but you have not yet used crossTerm. If you already use crossTerm, you would like to enhance your skills/carry your terminology work to the next level.

Newcomers will learn how to

  • create entries
  • search for entries and use filters
  • import/export terminology
  • manage terminology

Advanced users will gain a deeper insight into

  • the management of crossTerm, e.g. instances, filter sets, entry and term templates
  • the import and export of terminology (formats, mapping, import/export templates)
  • the use of crossTerm (add and edit entries, use terms, crossTerm Web)

Training objective

  • Learn how to use crossTerm effectively.
  • Learn how to use basic functions autonomously.
  • Optimize your work with crossTerm.
  • Customize crossTerm for your corporate processes.

Key Data

€1,350 (plus VAT, travel expenses, IT equipment if necessary)

9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (including breaks)

On your premises

Recommended: 8

We are happy to answer all your questions about our training program: