Refresher Training Course

for New Versions

For the certification of the language service provider, two employees per location need to qualify in all four modules. If a company is already certified for an Across version, a refresher course is all that is needed upon migration to a new version. Depending on the scope of the new features, classroom or online training must be taken for individual modules, and an online test must be passed.

Refresher Training Course for Across v7

  • Cross-module online training for key new features in v7
  • Online test
  • System check

Upon successful completion of the online test and system check, you will receive the "Across Certified Across v7" logo for your website and for your crossMarket profile.

Online Training Dates

The online trainings are available upon request. Please write an email to


  • The certification for the predecessor version will remain valid even if no further certification takes place.
  • The refresher training course can only be taken after the update to the new version.
  • If an employee who has qualified for a module within the scope of the certification has left the company in the meantime, the missing module must be repeated by another employee prior to the refresher training course.
  • Upon completion of the online training, the language service provider has four weeks to conduct online tests with the duly training employees.
  • Each employee can take the online test up to three times.
  • If an employee does not pass one of the tests, this means that the criteria for the refresher certification have not been fulfilled and the certification will remain at the old version level until all employees trained for the respective module have passed the test.
  • If the test is not passed the third time, the module must be repeated against payment.

Key Data

Full package: €750.00 (plus VAT)

2 hours
Participants: All trained employees of the language service provider

Online Trainings
Max. number of participants: 15

We are happy to answer all your questions about our training program: