Workshop Process Safari

Examine Your Translation Processes

When Did You Last Examine Your Translation Processes?

Translation management is an area that involves many different corporate processes. Unfortunately, these processes are often outdated and no longer meet today's requirements or have been rather inefficient from the outset. Based on our conviction and experience that every process can be optimized, we would be pleased to examine your translation processes together with you and determine the next steps that should be taken.

The workshop does not only focus on your Across environment, but also addresses the bordering processes. Apart from conveying fundamental knowledge of processes, the workshop includes an analysis of the weaknesses of your individual processes. We will provide you with genuine action recommendations and extensive learning material.

Your Benefits

  • Intensive exchange of knowledge and experiences in a small group
  • Fundamental knowledge of processes
  • Initial analysis of your process weaknesses
  • Genuine action recommendations and optimization impulses for your Across environment
  • Extensive learning material that will support you in your next steps
  • Tool information and demonstrative, practical examples
  • Eligibility for the participation of 2 persons in a 1-hour follow-up webinar with Q&A session
  • Additional bonus: 15 percent discount on a classroom/workshop booking in Karlsbad (company-specific, valid for 6 months)

What You Need to Bring Along

  • Process outline (template will be provided)
  • Process chart (modular template will be provided)
  • Information on the current Across settings

What We Offer You

  • Feel-good package (meals)
  • Extensive learning material
  • Action recommendations
  • 1-hour follow-up webinar (Q&A with trainer and participants)


Follow-up Webinar with Q&A Session
1 hour, 2 persons

15 percent discount on a classroom/workshop booking in Karlsbad
(company-specific, valid for 6 months)

€ 1,175 per person
in the case of multiple participants from the same company: € 925 per person