Introduction of MT with Across

1 day of training on your premises

You are interested in the subject of machine translation, but you have many questions concerning the introduction.

Which provider would be suitable for you? How much would the introduction cost, and would you benefit from it? How will the collaboration with the translators continue and how can a high translation quality be ensured? How can you connect machine translation to Across and what settings need to be made? In the workshop, we will clarify these and many other questions.

Perhaps you would also like to make sure that your colleagues do not work with machine translation via websites such as Google or DeepL. We examine how you can continue to ensure data security in the translation process even when using machine translation.

You will learn how

  • machine translation works.
  • you can connect MT systems to Across.
  • your translation process could work with machine translation support.
  • to include post-editing in the translation process.
  • to duly prepare your texts for machine translation (pre-editing).

Training objective

  • Orientation in the field of machine translation
  • Connection and configuration of machine translation
  • Preparation of a project plan for the introduction and implementation of machine translation

Key Data

€1,350 (plus VAT, travel expenses, IT equipment if necessary)

9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (including breaks)

On your premises

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