Cooperation with Educational Institutions

University training provides the best foundation for a successful career in the translation industry. To make sure that apart from the linguistic training, the practical experience in the use of modern translation technologies is not neglected, we provide the needed software free of charge to universities and other educational institutions for training purposes as well as to students for private use.

We enable educational institutions to work with the Across technology free of charge, and we support lecturers and students with a full package of measures.

Available Packages

ALS Package

Do you want to simulate a real custome/provider scenario?

Then our ALS package is the right choice for you.

ATE Package

Do you want to provide students with a brief overview of the software/technology?

Then our ATE package is the most suitable option.

What can I do?

Across Translator Edition Across Language Server
Quality management
Project management
Delegate tasks
Terminology work
Translation memory maintenance
Use a shared database
Check out files
Own crossMarket profile
for further private use
Simulate a customer/provider setting


Across Translator Edition Across Language Server
Own Laptop
Observe the system requirements!
Microsoft Windows + SQL Server
Observe the system requirements!
Across knowledge/experience of the lecturer
CAT tool experience would be beneficial

facilitates the handling
Person responsible
for the maintenance, update, support requests

Central contact
(IT und application)

Consulting for Universities

As the needs of every university are different, our team would be pleased to provide you with advice that suits your individual situation. Please feel free to contact us:


Information for Students

You can also work with the premium version of the Across Translator Edition free of charge. Across would like to assist you in working autonomously and productively and gaining your first experience with a CAT tool—at university and at home. For further information and to register for your free premium account, go to www.my-across.net/en.

P.S.: Keep your validated student ID or a recent certification of enrolment handy; you will need it during the registration.

Download the Across Translator Edition v7