OData-URLs in Chrome

The Chrome browser supports JSON by default without any plugin or settings. For that reason, Chrome offers a convenient way for exploring the cross API. There are also Chrome extensions to browse JSON results in more convenient way. In the examples below JSONView is used.

Below some example requests are listed.


The following sample URLs assume crossTerm API to be available with this URL: http://localhost/Across/CrossTerm.

All terminology instances in the system

Enter http://localhost/Across/CrossTerm/api/v1

Get for example


Image of the instances with ID=1

Enter http://localhost/Across/CrossTerm/api/v1/InstanceImages(1)/Image

Get for example


All data categories of instance with ID=1

Enter http://localhost/Across/CrossTerm/api/v1/Instances(1)/DataCategories

Get for example


Information about entry with ID=319

Enter http://localhost/Across/CrossTerm/api/v1/Entries(319)

Get for example


Information about entry with ID=319 expanded by term information

Enter http://localhost/Across/CrossTerm/api/v1/Entries(319)?$expand=Terms

Get for example


Only term text and language code identifier of all terms in entry with ID=319

Enter http://localhost/Across/CrossTerm/api/v1/Entries(319)/Terms?$select=Text,Lcid

Get for example