Usage History

The crossTank usage history logs extensive information about the use of crossTank entries. For example, the history records how often each crossTank entry was used, i.e. how often it was inserted in a translation (e.g. during pre-translation or manually in crossDesk). Moreover, the history records when and by which user a crossTank entry was last used.

The usage history is only stored locally. It is not transferred between the parties involved in the supply chain.

The usage count of a crossTank entry is reset e.g. when the content or status of the crossTank entry is changed.

In the crossTank Manager, the information of the crossTank usage history is displayed via the tooltip of the respective crossTank entry.


This information is also displayed via the tooltips of crossTank entries in the Search Center of crossDesk (or in crossWeb).


Other Functions

By means of filter functions, you can search for specific crossTank entries, e.g. for entries that were used particularly seldom or frequently.

The information of the crossTank usage history is taken into consideration both when importing and when exporting TMX files. Thus, they can be imported or exported.

When exporting TMX files, it is also possible to use filters for the crossTank usage history, e.g. to export specific crossTank entries that were last inserted in a translation before or after a certain date: