Structure Matches

Structure matches are matches which in addition to the normal matching of a segment with crossTank with respect to the content and style during a pre-translation, take also structure attributes into consideration. A structure match is a match for which not only the properties of a normal 100% match but also the structure attribute corresponds.

Structure attributes indicate which area of a document a segment comes from. It may be relevant to the translation of a segment whether the segment is a chapter heading, a list element, or a GUI button.

Currently, structure attributes are supported for the Tagged ML formats HTML, SGML, and XML and for formats that are converted to Tagged ML formats with the help of crossTransform (e.g. INX files).

To display structure matches in crossDesk and to present them in reports, these must first be activated. The activation can be done in the pre-translation settings of the corresponding project settings template (Tools > System Settings > General > Project Settings Templates > crossTank).

In the pre-translation settings, bonus points can be set for structure matches, and the editing state for pre-translations can be determined.

Creating Structure Attributes

Structure attributes can be created and managed in the Structure Attributes section of the system settings.

The structure attribute section already contains the structure attributes Heading, Paragraph, List element, and Button as examples.

Mapping Structure Attributes

In the document settings templates of the Tagged ML formats HTML, SGML, XML and XML v2, elements can be mapped to the existing structure attributes. The respective element is assigned to a structure attribute. For example, the <Heading> element can be assigned to the structure attribute for headings.

To assign a structure attribute to an element, go to the respective section in the system settings (Tagged HTML, Tagged SGML, Tagged XML or Tagged XML v2) and select the desired document settings template. Then select the element to which you want to map a structure attribute and click Edit. Then activate the option Map to structure attribute and select the desired structure attribute from the drop-down list.

In crossDesk, the structure attribute of an element is displayed via the respective tooltip in crossView.


As soon as a paragraph with a structure attribute is set to Translated and the contained segments are saved to crossTank, the structure attribute will be added to the newly created crossTank entries.

Existing crossTank entries are not overwritten; rather, multiple translations are created with different attribute values. Moreover, only one structure attribute can be set for each crossTank entry. Multiple attribute values are not possible for structure attributes.

Display Options of Structure Matches

If a 100% match is available in crossTank for an element to which a structure attribute has been mapped, the hit will be presented with a icn_cDesk_zustand_struktur-match icon in the fuzzy search and thus designated as structure match:


Paragraphs pre-translated with a structure match are displayed with a icn_cDesk_zustand_struktur-match_voruebersetzt icon in the Source View/Context View:


Paragraphs pre-translated with a context and structure match are displayed with a icn_cDesk_zustand_kontext-und-struktur-match_voruebersetzt icon.

Structure matches are also listed in reports:


If a structure match is also a context match, it is referred to as "context and structure match". This is a 100% match whose structure information and context information match the current segment. Like structure matches, context and structure matches are presented separately in the reports.


A penalty is available for taking structure attributes into consideration during pre-translation and in crossDesk. This penalty will be deducted if the structure attribute in the current segment is different from that of the crossTank hit.


By default, the penalty is set to 0%. However, like other penalties, it can be adjusted under Tools > System Settings > General >Project Settings Templates > crossTank > Penalty Settings.