Search and Replace

Proceed as follows to perform replacements in crossTank entries:

  1. Open the crossTank Manager.
  2. Select the needed languages.

    Replacements are only possible in the source language segment of crossTank entries. For replacements in target language segments, reverse the language selection by means of the icn_sprachauswahl-umkehren icon.

  3. Select Search and replace from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter the word you want to replace in the input field for the search. (The function is case-sensitive.)
  5. Activate any needed filters and start the search by clicking the icn_suche icon.

    The search results will be listed on the right-hand side. The search string will be highlighted in yellow.

  6. Enable the checkboxes of the crossTank entries you want to replace.
    • Select all crossTank entries found: icn_cTaM_auswahl-alle
    • Clear selection: icn_cTaM_auswahl-loeschen
    • Invert selection: icn_cTaM_auswahl-umkehren
  7. Enter the word that is to replace the word you searched for. (This function, too, is case-sensitive.)
  8. Then click the icn_cTaM_ersetzen icon to carry out the replacement.
  9. The replacements have been carried out. The replaced words are highlighted in green.