Searching for Translations

  • The crossTank Manager offers various search types for the purpose of systematically finding crossTank entries:
  • Concordance search: Search for one or several words in crossTank entries.
  • Search for similar sentences: Search for similar sentences, specifying the match rate.
  • Advanced search: Search for one or several words in crossTank entries using placeholders and operators.
  • Attention

    As Across automatically identifies numbers and saves them as placeholders, numbers cannot be found with the advanced search.

In addition, by selecting Search and replace, it is possible to perform search and replace actions in crossTank entries.

The search type can be selected by means of the drop-down list under the input field of the crossTank search.

Search Filters

To narrow down search queries, e.g. to limit the search to the crossTank entries of a particular subject, you can use search filters. Use the icn_filtereinstellungen icon to activate the search with search filters. Subsequently, you can define the desired search filters.

Across offers you the option of having all translations that are available in the different languages for a source segment displayed at a glance. To select this option, go to crossTank Manager and select a source language and All languages as target language. Start a query and select a source segment. The segment will be displayed with all available translations. Additionally, you can search the source and target texts separately in one go. The results are shown separately in the source and target texts.