Protecting Paragraphs During Pre-translation

An option in the pre-translation settings allows paragraphs pre-translated with released crossTank entries to be locked, thereby preventing them from being edited by the translator.

In the context view, the pre-translated paragraphs, which are locked for editing, are displayed with a gray background. Additionally, the icons in the toolbar of the Target Editor are grayed out. Additionally, in the paragraph state view in crossView, the locked paragraphs are displayed as read-only.

During pre-translation, the pre-translated paragraphs are automatically set to the final editing state of the underlying workflow. For example, this would be the Corrected editing state for the Translation and Correction workflow.

The option for protecting crossTank entries is available in the pre-translation settings of the project settings templates under Tools > System Settings > General > Project Settings Templates > crossTank.

  • The option to protect crossTank entries applies to the following pre-translations:
  • Pre-translations during project setup
  • Pre-translations started manually from within crossDesk
  • On-the-fly pre-translations in crossDesk or crossDesk Web