crossTank Import

The import of TM data may be necessary for various reasons, e.g. to import translation units created outside Across to crossTank.

The crossTank Import Wizard can be used to import TM data. You can start the wizard via the corresponding section on the crossTank Manager start page, via the icn_wiz_cTank-import-wizard icon in the toolbar, or via Tools > Import in the menu bar.

By means of the crossTank Import Wizard, you can import translation memories in Translation Memory eXchange format (TMX), in TRADOStag format (TTX), and in the Passolo Glossary Files format (GLO).


TMX is an XML-based format that standardizes the exchange of translation memory content between TM systems.


Before importing translation memories to crossTank, we recommend optimizing the number and sentence detection settings for the languages to be imported. For example, if the definitions of the number formats in Across correspond to the number formats in the translation memory to be imported, the numbers will be identified correctly during the import, resulting in better and more consistent data.