Managing Additional Stemming Languages

To use stemming for the additional language, you first need to add the respective add-ons in the form of open source language packages of third-party providers.

The language packages can be managed in the crossTerm Manager under Tools > Manage Stemming Add-ons.

In the Available section, you can download and install language packages:


Installed language packages can be uninstalled or temporarily disabled in the Installed section:


As every activated language package consumes a certain amount of RAM, the process for the stemming of the additional languages will usually inflate with every additional language package that is activated. Therefore, we recommend temporarily disabling language packages that are currently not needed.


After changes in the management of the stemming add-ons (installation of a language package, deactivation of a language package), the crossTerm Server or the ATE must be restarted for changes to take effect.

When using crossGrid and/or crossWAN, the respective language packages for the stemming will not be transmitted to the Trusted Servers or offline users, but must be installed separately on the Trusted Server or offline server side.

To be able to manage the stemming language packages, online users must have the right to change the crossTerm settings.


Offline users do not need to have the right assigned and can autonomously install stemming language packages.