Index search

A special index search allows you to search for index values of a selected index.


To do this, select the desired index (1) and enter the index value you want to search for in the text field (2). If you wish, you can use the asterisk (*), which represents zero or more occurrences of any characters:

  • The search query * searches for all index values.
  • The search query DIN* searches for all index values beginning with "DIN".

To search for the * character, place a backslash in front of it: \*. To search for the backslash itself, enter a double backslash: \\.

Then start the search (3). The hits that match the search query will be displayed (4).

Furthermore, indexes can be taken into consideration in the crossTerm filters, e.g. to restrict the search to entries containing a certain index value:


The index search is only available if indexes have already been created in the crossTerm settings.

In order to search for index duplicates (duplicate index entries) systematically, you can use a corresponding quick filter.