Creating Filter Sets

This instructions will help you to create crossTerm filter sets.

crossTerm filter sets, which consist of several user-defined crossTerm filters, enable complex search queries using several filters. In the course of the configuration of the filter set, the filters are aligned in the desired sequence. During search queries on the basis of a filter set, a cascading search is performed, i.e. the filter with the highest priority is applied first. If the search is unsuccessful, the search continues with the second filter, and so on.

The crossTerm Filter Set Wizard assists you in creating filter sets.


Please note that you need to have the appropriate rights.

By default, the supervisor and project manager are designated for this type of task.

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. Open the crossTerm Manager and select the menu item Tools > Manage user-defined filters/filter sets.
  3. In the Filter set tab click Add.

    The crossTerm Filter Set Wizard is started which will guide you through the process of a new filter set creation.

  4. Click Next.
  5. Specify a name of the filter set and enter a short description, if necessary.

    Now you can also define the filter set as a public filter set. In this way, the filter set is available globally, i.e. to all users of the respective groups of an Across installation. In contrast, non-public filter sets will only be available in your personal Across environment and are invisible for other users.


    You can, for example, define a new filter set as a non-public filter set in order to check its functionality first. After checking the new filter set, you can define it as public filter set.

    The rights for a created public filter set must be assigned to one or several Across user groups. In this way, it will be available to the users of the assigned groups for search queries. The filter-set rights can be assigned in the Public filters subsection of the crossTerm section of the user-group rights.

  6. Click Next.
  7. Subsequently, select the user-defined filters to be included in the filter set. Select the desired filters on the left side by double-clicking them.
  8. Using the icn_cTeM_reihenfolge-anpassen_runter and icn_cTeM_reihenfolge-anpassen_hoch icons, you can change the sequence of the selected filters.

    Search queries on the basis of this filter set will be conducted in the order specified here.

  9. Click Finish to create the filter set.
  10. It is available in the respective drop-down list and can be used for performing searches in crossTerm. By default, a newly created public filter set is available to all user groups.

To adapt a filter set, select it in the dialog window for the management of user-defined filters and filter sets and click Edit.


The use of a filter set can be managed by user group rights.


Filter sets can be defined as public even if the user-defined filters they contain are non-public filters.