Display of Search Suggestions

For the term search in crossTerm, auto-completion of search queries by means of search suggestions can be used. These suggestions are supplied by the search history and are thus based on previously entered search queries. The suggestions are displayed chronologically and from the first character entered.


The auto-completion of search queries is also available in all other search modes of crossTerm, including entry search and concordance search.

In addition, in the term search, a type-ahead search is also available.

The suggestion list saves up to 100 recent search queries, up to 10 of which are displayed. The suggestions are saved separately for each search mode. Moreover, the search queries are saved separately for each user and for each language direction.

In the input field for the search queries, a chronological list of the last search queries can be displayed with the Down Arrow key. Subsequently, the desired search suggestion can be selected with the arrow keys, and the search can be started with the enter key.

Type-Ahead Search

The type-ahead search is based on the existing termbase. As soon as the first letter of a term that is being searched for is entered, the search is performed in crossTerm. If terms that begin with the entered letter are found, these terms will immediately be displayed as search suggestions.

In the term search, search suggestions are thus displayed on the basis of the search history and on the basis of the termbase. The search suggestions are displayed in a separate list. A maximum of 10 suggestions are displayed at a time.


The display of search suggestions is activated by default. If requested, this function can be deactivated with the menu item View > Show Type-Ahead Suggestions.