Merging Entries

It could be that case that you have to merge two crossTerm entries, e.g. when they refer to the same concept.

Please note that you can undo a merge only by creating a new entry and adding the required information and terms manually. Furthermore, you will have to delete this information from the merged entry.

Please note that only entries in the same crossTerm instance can be merged. Entries from different instances cannot be merged at the moment.

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. Open the crossTerm Manager.
  3. Select the first of the two entries you want to merge and remember or write down the entry ID (e.g. the ID "80").

    This entry will be deleted later on when the entries are merged.

  4. Select the second entry to be merged (e.g. ID "81") and click icn_cTeM_eintrag-verschmelzen Merge entry in the top bar.
  5. Enter the entry ID of the first entry in the input field (e.g. ID "80").
  6. Click OK.
  7. Determine which of the entry properties are to be used for the merged entry.
    • You can choose, if
    • the present properties
    • or the new properties should be used, or
    • in the event of different properties (e.g. of a definition), these are to be retained as separate properties.
  8. Click OK to merge the entries.

    If the two entries to be merged contain identical terms (homographs) a window will open up. In this window, you can determine whether the terms are to be merged to a single term (options 1-3) or whether the terms are to be retained as homographs – i.e. as separate terms – in the merged entry (option 4).