Quick Add Terms

With the help of the Quick add terms function, you can easily add new terms or term pairs to crossTerm.

  1. Click the respective section on the crossTerm Manager start page.

    You can also open the quick-add function using the icn_cTeM_schnelleingabe icon in the toolbar or via the menu item Edit > Quick Add Terms.

  2. First, select the instance to which the new terms are to be added in the upper part of the input screen. Then determine whether the new terms are to be created as released or unreleased and define the source and target languages of the new term.
  3. Enter the first source-language term and its target-language equivalent in the respective fields.

    It is also possible to create terms in one language only. For this, simply leave the field for the target-language correspondence of the term empty.

    In the lower pane of the input screen, you can define additional information at entry and term level. The information that is available depends on the specifications of the selected entry and term template.

  4. Click Add or use the Enter key in order to add the first term pair to the list of new terms.
  5. Repeat the same procedure until all terms have been entered.
  6. As final step, click the icn_cTeM_speichern Save new terms button to add the new terms to crossTerm.