Index Duplicates

Index duplicates are on hand if two different entries contain two identical values. Index duplicates can come about e.g. due to errors when entering the index values.

Index duplicates are case-insensitive. An index duplicate is thus on hand if two index values differ in uppercase/lowercase spelling only (e.g. “ISO_1234” and “iso_1234”).

Index duplicates can be recognized by the arrow icons icn_cTeM_homograph-naechster and icn_cTeM_homograph-voriger next to the respective index value. The arrow icon indicates that there is an index duplicate for this index value. By clicking the arrow icon, you can go to the entry containing the index duplicate.


Searching Index Duplicates

To search for index duplicates systematically, you can use the quick filter Index duplicates. The quick filter enables the systematic search for index duplicates, e.g. in order to see whether the duplicates were intended or came about due to errors.