Apart from cross-references, you can also insert hyperlinks to Internet addresses (URLs) in text fields. To do this, select the word(s) from which you want to insert a hyperlink. You can then use the context menu to select the hyperlink and to define the cross-reference.


You can also define the text to be displayed as link text and the target of the hyperlink you want to link to. You can also select a link from the Internet Explorer history for this purpose.

Alternatively, you can insert hyperlinks in text fields by entering the corresponding link as text directly into the text field (e.g. http://www.across.net) or copying them to the text field from clipboard. When saving the text field, the link will automatically be identified as hyperlink and implemented accordingly.


In the following figure, an Internet address – in this case the source of the definition – and a cross-reference to another term are entered along with the definition.


After storing the definition, both the hyperlink and the cross-reference are implemented as links.