Working with crossTerm Web

Working in crossTerm Web is no different than working in the crossTerm Manager: You select the source and target languages and navigate through the terms via the vertical alphabet toolbar on the left or enter the term you wish to search for in the search pane, just like you do in the crossTerm Manager. You can define quick filters to narrow down your search.


Don't forget to Log out when you have finished your crossTerm Web session in order to prevent third parties from accessing the Across data.

When working with crossTerm Web, you can use one of two different modes that can be toggled on the fly during operation. Apart from the conventional crossTerm mode (the so-called standard browse mode), a plain browse mode is also available that presents information in a linear manner.

To switch between the two modes, you should only select the desired mode in the corresponding drop-down list.

Apart from selecting the modes, you can also determine the number of search hits for the concordance searches and their display in crossTerm Web.