Further processing of term suggestions

If, as a crossTerm Web user, you have the right to adjust the status of term suggestions, you can systematically process term suggestions. The processing of the term suggestions takes place on the basis of a centrally defined workflow. Moreover, you must have the rights to view and edit "normal" entries and terms (e.g. the rights View unreleased terms and Edit term).

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. Set the search function to Suggestion search.
  3. To refine the search, use the quick filters to narrow it down further (for example, using the Suggestion state).

    On the one hand, the filter can be used to exclude suggestions that have already been processed and that have already reached the final editing state. On the other hand, it is possible to search for term suggestions with one or several suggestion states. The suggestion states are read out from the workflow definition file and are sorted alphabetically.

  4. Edit the term suggestion, if needed.
  5. Adapt the suggestion state.
  6. By means of a state change defined in the underlying workflow, the suggestion can finally be published.

    Therefore this suggestion is converted into a normal term, which can e.g. also be found in term searches and be edited with the conventional crossTerm rights.