crossTerm Web Suggestion Module

The crossTerm Web suggestion module is a web-based workflow solution for creating and further processing of terminology suggestions: By means of an input dialog in the suggestion module, crossTerm Web users can make suggestions for new terms in a defined language. Terms suggestions can subsequently be processed systematically, e.g. by the responsible terminologist. For this purpose, the term proposals can be provided with further information or target language equivalents and converted into normal terms.

The suggestion module can be freely customized, not only with respect to the localization and appearance, but also with respect to its functionality. For example, the information that can be entered in the suggestion page in connection with the term suggestions as well as the underlying workflow for the further processing of the term suggestions can be defined freely. This enables highly flexible use of the suggestion module.

Basically, the crossTerm Web suggestion module is freely available. The only requirements are the licensing on the server side and the setup of crossTerm Web. The basic activation and configuration of the suggestion module take place via a duly adjusted configuration file of crossTerm Web (presets.xml) and via a workflow definition file that defines the underlying workflow for the processing of the term suggestions.