Tooltip Administration

In the Tooltip administration section of the crossTerm settings, you can define which data categories are to be displayed as tooltips. Apart from text fields and picklists, you can also have instances, indexes, system attributes, and grouped data categories displayed in tooltips.

At term level, you can also have the administrative information "Creation" and "Modification" displayed in the tooltip. The information on the time of creation/modification of the respective term and of the user who created or modified the term will be displayed.


The tooltip administration comprises the following four subsections:

Selection of the area for which tooltips are to be configured.
  • Tooltips can be defined for the following sections:
  • crossDesk
  • crossTerm Manager
Display of crossTerm instances in the tooltip.
Display of data categories at entry level in the tooltip. Using the icn_cTeM_index-info and icn_cTeM_definition-anzeigekonfiguration icons, you can also configure the display of administrative index information and definitions in the tooltips.
Display of data categories at term level in the tooltip.

Display of Tooltips in crossDesk and crossTerm Manager

The information selected in the tooltip administration are displayed for every term in the crossTerm window of crossDesk by moving the mouse pointer over a term:


In crossTerm Manager, the tooltips are displayed for every term in the hit list: