Import Templates

Import templates are files (with the file extension *.import) that are set up in the crossTerm Import Wizard when importing terminology in TBX, CSV or MultiTerm format and that can be reused for other imports later on. The import templates contain the settings (e.g. language selections, mapping, etc.) selected in the crossTerm Import Wizard during the terminology import. If you use these import templates when importing the same data (or other data with the same entry structures and data categories) later on, the stored settings will be preset in the crossTerm Import Wizard, so that no (or few) manual adjustments will be necessary. This greatly facilitates the import of terminology data.


Use an import template only for another import of the same data as during the creation of the import template or for an import of other data with the same entry structures and data categories.

An import template can be created via a button in the last dialog window of the crossTerm Import Wizard.


During subsequent imports, the import template can be selected with a button in the dialog window for selecting the import format.