Editable Fields vs. Placeables

Across enables the translation of certain elements in Word or FrameMaker documents, such as hyperlinks and index entries, by means of placeables (gray fields) or editable fields (green fields). These fields can be edited or translated by means of the context menu. To avoid editable fields, you can generate separate paragraphs instead.

The editing mode can be selected in the advanced document settings of Word and FrameMaker via the Advanced button.


The following example demonstrates the differences of the two editing modes by means of index entries (XE fields) in a Word document:

Editing method in separate paragraphs:


The index entries are displayed in the form of gray fields (placeables). The content of each placeable is displayed in a separate paragraph, where it can be translated.

Conventional editing method by means of editable fields:


The index entries are displayed in the form of green fields. The editing takes place by way of a separate dialog that is accessed via the context menu.