Sentence Detection and Segments

If the sentence detection in a paragraph is incorrect, e.g. if by mistake an abbreviation is interpreted as the end of a sentence, you can edit the sentence detection manually.

Click the icn_cDesk_te_satzerkennung icon in the Source View toolbar to open the dialog box for configuring sentence detection. All sentence ends in the current paragraph that are theoretically possible are listed. Use the corresponding checkbox to determine which items in the list are likely to be abbreviations rather than sentence ends.


Click Edit rules to open the system settings for the sentence detection in order to view the sentence rules and edit them as needed.

Click OK to apply the changes in sentence detection. The words that have been marked as abbreviations in the system settings of sentence detection are added to the list of abbreviations so that they will be detected automatically from this point on.


Please note that changes in the sentence detection by offline users or on a Trusted Server are currently not synchronized with the Across Server or the Master Server.