Microsoft Word and FrameMaker fields, e.g. for hyperlinks, index entries, page numbers or bookmarks, are displayed as gray ("placeables") or green fields in the Source View and the Target Editor:

  • Green fields (e.g. index entries and hyperlinks) can be edited.
  • Gray fields/placeables (e.g. cross-references and page numbers) cannot be edited.

To insert fields in the Target Editor, double-click the corresponding field in the Source View.


In order to edit a field that is editable, mark it in the Target Editor and select Edit field from the context menu. The dialog box for editing fields opens. In the header of the dialog box the type of field to be edited is displayed.

Carry out the desired changes and confirm them by clicking Apply.

Word Bookmarks

Bookmarks always consist of one opening and one closing field, e.g.:


Make sure that you always insert both field types in your translation.