Confirming/Rejecting Tasks

To open and process a task, it must first be confirmed. Only after you have confirmed the task, you can start translating the document.

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. Go to the My Tasks module.
  3. Select a task and click Confirm/Reject in the bottom pane.

    An overview will display all relevant details of the respective task, such as the source and target languages, the task volume, and the due date for task submission. In order to decide whether to confirm or reject a task, you can look at a preview of the source document.

  4. Click Confirm to accept the task or Reject to turn it down.

    If you reject a task assigned to you, you can comment your decision in a dialog window.


    If you do not want to specify any reason for rejecting the task, simply enter a space in the input field.

  5. You can open and edit the confirmed task.
  6. The responsible project manager will be informed about the confirmation or rejection of the task and possibly about the reasons via Across messaging.