Spell-check and User Dictionary


A good translation is not only correct in terms of style and terminology but also by the fact that is has no spelling errors. Across supports you in this endeavor by using a built-in spell-check. Words that Across recognizes as errors are marked by a red wavy line (e.g. icn_cDesk_spellcheck).

In addition, Across offers suggestions for the correct spelling of the word: Right-click on a misspelled word that you would like to correct and select the appropriate entry from the list of suggestions. This entry will then be inserted into your translation to replace the misspelled word.

You can modify the spell-check accordingly under Tools > User Settings >General > Spell-check to suit your needs. For example, this makes it possible to individually match the similarity of correction suggestions.

User Dictionary

During translation, the words in the translation are compared with the entries in the dictionaries used as a basis for the spell-check. The dictionaries contain most common words, but they cannot include all proper nouns, technical expressions, abbreviations, etc. These words can be added to a user dictionary to avoid having them marked as errors in future.

Instead of manually adding words to your user dictionary, you can also import entire dictionaries.

Proceed as add a word to the user dictionary:

Right-click on an incorrect word that has been correspondingly marked with a wavy red underline, then select Add to User Dictionary in the context menu. The word will be added to the user dictionary and will not be displayed as erroneous any more.