The review of translations in Across consists of the checking of the target language and, if necessary, the insertion of comments in translations. Review tasks are especially suitable for colleagues in the individual departments or external correctors who are supposed to check translations especially for correct content. As usual, the reviewers are seamlessly integrated in the workflow.

In Across, the review of translations takes place within the scope of the processing of review tasks that can be assigned to members of the user group Reviewer.

Unlike translation correction tasks, review tasks do not allow changes to be made to the translation. Reviewers can e.g. enter their observations and proposals in the translation in the form of comments. Upon completion of the review task, the comments can be processed and any needed changes can be made in the translation by the Across user whom the downstream task is assigned to in the selected workflow.

Paragraph States

The editing state that the paragraphs of a translation must reach within the scope of a review task is Reviewed (icn_cDesk_zustand_lektoriert). A review task is considered finished when all paragraphs have been set to the Reviewed state.

The editing state can be set via the icn_cDesk_zustand_lektoriert icon in the crossDesk toolbar, via the keyboard shortcut Alt+A, or via the corresponding item in the context menu of the Context View.

Moreover, the paragraph state can be set either paragraph by paragraph or in one go for the entire document using the menu item Tools > Set All Paragraphs to > Reviewed.

Where Can the Review Take Place?

Instead of working in the accustomed Across environment, browser-based review of translations is also possible.

In crossDesk Web, the Review Mode can be used for reviewing translations (see crossWeb Review Mode).


The review of translations is part of the standard workflow Translation, review, and correction and of the EN 15038 Standard workflow (see The EN 15038 Standard Workflow). A document that is to be reviewed must be assigned one of these two workflows during project setup.

Moreover, it is possible to define the review of translation as part of user-defined workflows.

When assigning tasks to reviewers who do not have the right to edit or add crossTank entries, a message indicating the missing rights will appear. However, the tasks can still be assigned to the reviewers.