Redelegation to the Translator

While working on their tasks, reviewers and correctors can delegate paragraphs containing errors or inaccuracies back to the translator. Through the redelegation, the translator's finished task is set to Not finished; thus, the translator regains access to the respective paragraphs and can make the needed changes.

To redelegate a paragraph, set it to the editing state Touched (icn_cDesk_zustand_bearbeitet_kopie).


Please note that if a paragraph is redelegated to the translator, all tasks following the translation, such as the correction of the translation, must also be processed anew and finished. Of course, this repeated editing work is limited to the paragraphs set to Touched.


In the above figure, the redelegation is indicated by the yellow arrow pointing back to the translator: all tasks of the respective workflow must be repeated for the redelegated paragraphs.

If you redelegate a paragraph to the translator, you will only have read access to the task after closing and re-opening it. As soon as the tasks preceding your task are finished anew, you will receive an Across notification and can continue to work on it.