QM Check in crossDesk

While working in crossDesk, a number of QM criteria assist you in creating a translation that is free of errors. Across automatically checks whether the various QM criteria have been met in the translation. Across normally checks whether there are any spelling mistakes in the translation and whether some paragraphs have not been translated and are still empty.

If the QM checks identify errors, the paragraphs containing these errors will be listed by QM criteria (QM v6.3) or in the order of occurrence (QM v7.0) in the QM tab of crossView, where they can be systematically viewed and corrected.

The QM tab of crossView can be accessed by clicking the icn_cDesk_cView_qmv63 tab (QM v6.3) or the icn_cView_qmv7 tab (QM v7.0) on the left-hand side of the screen.

The QM check does not consider any filters that you have set manually in crossDesk. This means that all contents of the task will be checked, including any that might have been hidden by filters.

QM View (v7.0)

You can access the QM view via the icn_cView_qmv7 icon (QM v7.0) in crossView.


Numerous icons facilitate the use of the QM functions. The following icons are available:

Enable the navigation between individual QM errors in the list
Enable ignored errors to be shown or hidden.
Enables the filtering by QM criteria.
Starts the QM check.
Shows the total number of errors.
Shows the number of unresolved errors among the mandatory QM criteria.
Shows the number of ignored errors.

QM Checks to Be Ignored

In certain cases, it may be necessary to ignore errors detected by the QM check, e.g. if two formatting styles are deliberately used in a different order in the translation than in the source sentence, perhaps due to the different syntax in the target language.

QM errors can be ignored in various ways:

  • QM v6.3:
  • In the Target Editor, go to a paragraph containing QM errors and select the entry QM errors to be ignored from the context menu.
  • In the QM tab of crossView, select the respective QM criterion and the current paragraph and select Ignore from the context menu.

    A dialog window shows the QM errors contained in the current paragraph. Select the error you want to ignore and click OK.

  • To ignore all errors of a QM criterion, select the respective QM criterion in the QM tab of crossView and select Ignore all from the context menu.
  • QM v7.0:
  • In the QM tab of crossView, select the error and click IGNORE.
  • In the QM view of crossView, click the icn_filter icon, select a QM criterion, and click IGNORE ALL.

For QM criteria defined as mandatory by the project manager, you need to enter a comment to document your decision.

Ignored errors will be duly displayed in the QM v6.3 of crossView.


By default, ignored errors are hidden in QM v7.0. Click icn_cView_qm_hide-ignored to show them again.

Ignored QM errors are also shown in the dialog for finishing a task and in the QM report of the document.