Across offers a pre-translation function so that you do not have to retranslate sentences that have previously been translated. The source text is analyzed to find any sentences that are similar or identical to crossTank entries. If desired, the identical sentences are incorporated into the target text.

To start the pre-translation in crossDesk, simply click the icn_cDesk_voruebersetzung-starten icon in the toolbar and then click Search in the following dialog. Subsequently, Across will compare the source document with the information available in crossTank.

By activating the option Update pre-translation report, the source document is compared anew with crossTank. If paragraphs have already been translated after checking in the source texts, the values will be updated on the basis of the results of the new analysis.


Click Save pre-translation to insert the identical sentences – the 100% matches – into your translation.

Using the buttons in the dialog box, you can save, print, or copy to clipboard the results of the analysis.


After performing a pre-translation and especially before publishing or forwarding the finished translation, we recommend reviewing the document and checking the correctness of the translations auto-inserted by the pre-translation.

Translations inserted via pre-translation receive the editing state Pre-translated.

If context matches are inserted in the target text during the pre-translation, the respective paragraphs will be set to the editing state Touched (context match) (icn_cDesk_zustand_bearbeitet-kontext-match) or Translated (context match) (icn_cDesk_zustand_uebersetzt-kontext-match).


In pre-translations, for quality management reasons, 100% matches will only be saved in the target text if all of the sentences in the paragraph they come from are 100% matches. If, for instance, a paragraph contains two sentences, and the first sentence is a 100% match in crossTank while the second sentence is a 90% match, the 100% match will not be incorporated into the target text during the storage of the pre-translation. In crossDesk this 100% match must be inserted manually into the target text by using the results in the fuzzy search.

If there are several 100% matches for a sentence, one of these matches will be inserted only if the respective option is activated under Tools > System Settings > General, > Project Settings Templates > crossTank > Pre-translation.

In addition to this, pre-translations will only be inserted in paragraphs with editing state Untouched.

Pre-translation on the Fly

The pre-translation on the fly function can be used to pre-translate individual sections instead of the whole document or to successively pre-translate the current document. It can also be used to insert 100% matches created in other projects or tasks after the creation of the current project.

The pre-translation on the fly can be started from any paragraph using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+P. All subsequent paragraphs for which 100% matches exist will be automatically pre-translated up to the next untouched paragraph for which no 100% match exists.

The function of the pre-translation on the fly corresponds to that of the normal pre-translation. The function depends on factors such as the pre-translation settings selected via the respective options in the utilized project settings template or in the user settings. Here, you can e.g. define the editing state of the pre-translated paragraphs.

The paragraph from which the pre-translation on the fly was started will be set to the editing state according to the option selected under Tools > User Settings > crossDesk > Target Editor. By default, this is the editing state of the current task (e.g. Touched in case of a translation task).