Fuzzy search

The fuzzy search is the interface between the translation editor crossDesk on the one hand and the translation memory crossTank on the other: The sentence to be translated is automatically searched for in crossTank. Any sentences that fully or partially match the sentence to be translated are listed in the fuzzy search window along with the corresponding translations.


Along with the translation proposals, the match rate, i.e. the degree of similarity between the search hit and the sentence to be translated, is displayed.

When matching contents that come from different document formats, the match rates may be subject to penalties despite the auto-adjustments that Across applies to crossTank hits by default (e.g. due to different styles or different special characters). This must be taken into consideration especially when switching to another format, e.g. from the old to the new Office formats (DOC to DOCX, etc.).

You can insert a crossTank entry or the selected area of an entry in the Target Editor by double-clicking the desired translation or the icn_cDesk_search-center_cTerm_match-term-anwenden icon or by using the keyboard shortcut Alt+Insert.

Apart from this, you can also use the corresponding toolbar icons to add, edit, and delete entries.

If you add a 100% match, the cursor automatically jumps to the end of the crossTank entry inserted in the Target Editor to allow you to carry on with the translation of the next sentence without having to move the cursor again. If you add a fuzzy match, the cursor jumps to the beginning of the crossTank entry to enable quick and easy editing.

If the fuzzy search does not yield any results, the corresponding notification is displayed. You can start a concordance search by clicking the link in the fuzzy search pane.

Using the icn_cDesk_cSearch_auswahl-ressource icon, you can define filters to limit the search in crossTank to certain subjects or relations.

  • You can also narrow down your search using the following criteria:
  • Date
  • Subject
  • Relation
  • Created by
  • Modified by
  • Project
  • State

In the Fuzzy Search section of the system settings, you can determine which attributes (Relation or Subject, etc.) are to be displayed directly under the search hits of the fuzzy search. In this section, you can also define which attributes are to be displayed in the tooltips of the search hits of the fuzzy search.


Tooltips for More Details

If you move the mouse over the various sections of a search result in the fuzzy search, tooltips with additional information, such as penalties or notes, will be shown. Moreover, the icn_cDesk_search-center_uebersetzungseinheit-mit-anmerkung icon indicates that a note exists for the hit.