Customizing crossDesk

There are different options for customizing crossDesk according to your needs, e.g. by moving the cursor over the edge of a crossDesk area (crossView, Source View, etc.) until it appears as a double arrow. Now keep the left mouse button pressed and drag the edge of that particular area until it has reached the required size.

Showing/hiding Toolbars

You can show or hide the toolbars by activating or deactivating as required the checkbox of the toolbars to be shown or hidden via View > Toolbars. Alternatively, you can right-click on any desired toolbar and then make the corresponding selection from within the context menu.

Moving Toolbars

To move a toolbar, click the handle (icn_ziehpunkt) at the edge of a toolbar and drag it to the desired position in crossDesk.


To restore the default UI layout, click the icn_cDesk_ui-layout-wiederherstellen icon in the standard toolbar or click View > Restore UI Layout in the menu bar.

Displaying crossDesk on Two Monitors

If you use two monitors, you can distribute the various areas of crossDesk to the two monitors. For example, you can leave the Context View and the Target Editor on one monitor and move the crossView, the crossTerm window, and the Search Center to the second monitor.

Monitor 1
Monitor 2