The Views in crossView

Hierarchical Document Structure
Maps the structure of the document in a tree-like manner.
You can change the state of all paragraphs of a node (icn_cDesk_cView_gliederungsansicht_knoten) including all sub-nodes. In this way you can change the state of complete document units such as sections or chapters in Word documents or document-specific elements such as keyboard shortcuts when localizing software. Do this by selecting the desired state from the context menu of crossView and then choosing the area within which the state is to be changed.
Plain List
Paragraphs of the current document.
To navigate within the plain list view, simply click the desired paragraph.
QM v6.3
QM criteria that Across uses to check the translation for errors. If the QM checks identify errors, the paragraphs containing these errors will be listed under the respective QM criterion. The paragraphs containing errors can thus be systematically corrected.
icn_cDesk_cView_qmv63_kriterium-ignoriert shows that this criterion is not active.
icn_cDesk_cView_qmv63_kriterium-ignoriert indicates that the QM error has been ignored by the translator.
icn_cDesk_cView_qmv63_pflichtkriterium indicates mandatory criteria.
Press F7 to start the QM batch mode to process identified QM errors systematically.
QM v7.0
Lists paragraphs in which errors were found by the QM check. The paragraphs containing errors can thus be systematically corrected.
Attachments/reference documents provided by the project manager.
"Sorted by state" View
Paragraphs of the source document grouped by editing states. For example, this functionality can be used to access and translate all untouched paragraphs of a source document one by one.
A number is given in brackets after each editing state, showing the number of paragraphs that currently have the corresponding editing state assigned to them.
A paragraph may be listed twice, e.g. if it was pre-translated. In this case, it will be listed as a pre-translated paragraph (icn_cDesk_zustand_voruebersetzt) and e.g. as a touched paragraph (icn_cDesk_zustand_bearbeitet).
Systematic search for content in crossView.
When searching in ML documents (XML, HTML, and SGML), the search for the name of elements is supported.

The dialog window under Tools > Search and Replace allows you to search for and replace words in the target text.

Progress information
Processing status of the current task. The progress is displayed in the form of the word count and percentage of each editing state.
The progress information is updated automatically when the task is opened. While processing a task, you can refresh the current progress stage by clicking Update.
Paragraph filter
Filters that can be combined with each other. Filters of the first level are linked with AND, and filters at the second level with OR. In this way, you can precisely determine the type of paragraphs to be displayed in the Context View. Moreover, you can bilingually filter for expressions (not) contained.
Example: All paragraphs with the Translated status that cause a QM error.
A note will be displayed above the Context View if a paragraph filter has been applied. You can also update the display of filtered content, e.g. if the paragraphs no longer reflect the filter criteria due to changes made to these paragraphs after applying the filter.