Number Control

When saving a translation unit to crossTank, Across checks the content of the source and target-language segments for consistency in terms of the numbers used. If Across detects any differences – e.g. because the source-language segment has one number and the target-language segment has two – a corresponding dialog window will be shown.


In this example, Across assumes a different amount of numbers: In accordance with the regional settings, Across recognizes a valid German date, which is interpreted as one number (evident from the blue overline of the German date). In the English sentence, however, Across does not recognize any valid English date and therefore interprets the string as three numbers (evident from the three blue overlines of the English date).

In the dialog window, you can click Store translation to save the translation unit to crossTank as it is or Edit translation to edit the translation. In the latter case, you will be taken back to crossDesk, where you can edit the translation directly in the Target Editor. After editing the translation, you can save it anew.