Context View/Source View

The source text pane can appear in various forms, depending on the selected crossDesk mode. In the Combi Mode (icn_cDesk_modus-kombi), the source and target text are displayed side by side in the Context View. In the Edit Mode (icn_cDesk_modus-editier), only the source text is displayed in the Source View.

Context View:
Source View:

The Context View and the Source View show the entire source text. The selected paragraph is shown against a light blue background, the sentence currently being translated is displayed normally, and all other sentences in the paragraph are grayed out.

If matching crossTank entries are found for the current sentence, the identical words are highlighted in color. The color of the highlight indicates the degree to which the found entry matches the respective sentence in the source text.


Further information on the meaning of the colors is available under Tools > User Settings > crossDesk > Source/Context View.

If the current paragraph contains words that are stored in crossTerm, the relevant terms are highlighted in the Source View with a red overline (icn_cDesk_source-view_term-hervorhebung).

Intelligent term search: stemming

Across supports stemming when searching in crossTerm: For example, if the term "engine" exists in crossTerm and the current sentence or paragraph in Source View contains the plural form "engines", then crossTerm finds the entry "engine".