User Settings: General > Project Wizard Settings

In the Project Wizard settings section, you can customize the settings for the creation of projects with the Project Wizard.

The Define Source Language Settings Button

Using the button Define source language settings, you can determine for each document format whether Across should try to identify the source language automatically when setting up the project.

Moreover, if you mainly translate from a particular source language (and possibly sublanguage), you can define it under Default language. When setting up a project, this language will be selected automatically and does not need to be set manually. For this, the automatic source language detection must be disabled in the respective formats. Otherwise, this setting will override the default source language setting.


In case the source language of a document differs from the default source language set here, you can change it while setting up the project in the Project Wizard.

Define Document Settings Template Button

Using the Define document settings template button, you can also define for each document format if you want to allow the project manager to select a template, or whether a certain template should be used.

In the latter case, the step for selecting the document settings template is skipped in the Project Wizard. In this case, manual selection is not possible.


With the help of document settings templates, you can customize the processing of the respective format or document for the check-in in Across and the display in crossDesk.

Drop-Down List Standard Project Settings Template

Under Default Project Settings Template, you can determine whether the project manager should select a project settings template when creating the project, or whether a specific project settings template should be defined by default.

Drop-Down List Workflow Template

Under Workflow template, you can determine whether the workflow to be used for the project is to be selected by the project manager during the project setup or whether a particular workflow is to be used by default.

In the latter case, the step for selecting the workflow template is skipped in the Project Wizard. In this case, manual selection is not possible.

Finally, you can determine whether the Project Wizard steps for assigning tasks and setting task due dates are to be displayed and whether 100% matches and machine translation (MT) results are to be applied to the target text during pre-translation. The editing state of pre-translated paragraphs depends on the respective option in the crossTank pre-translation settings; see also Project Settings Templates: crossTank > Pre-Translation.

Finally you can determine whether upon completion of the project creation, the view automatically switches to the Tasks module.