User Settings: General > Preview

In the Preview settings, you can determine which application should be used to generate and show the preview of the respective document.

You can customize previews by using parameters. For example, while translating XML files, it is possible to pass on the ID of the source and target text paragraphs currently being processed to a batch file or an EXE file in which the ID can be further processed.

Select the desired format for the user-defined customization of previews in the list of document types and click Edit. Then select Executable and click Browse. Now select the file to which the data should be passed on, e.g. a batch file, and then click OK. Now insert the parameter by selecting the desired parameter from the drop-down list and clicking Add. Now click OK twice to save these changes.

The following parameters and wildcards are available for customizing previews:

Name of the file currently being edited
Database ID of the current source text paragraph
Database ID of the current target text paragraph
Source language regional ID
Target language regional ID
Target document GUID
Path of the current paragraph (only for HTML, SGML and XML files)