User Settings: crossDesk > Target Editor

In the Target Editor area of the profile settings you can determine the settings in the target document pane of crossDesk.

You can choose to have spelling errors highlighted and display formatting marks in the target document. You can also monitor input length for a segment.

Under Zoom, you can enlarge or reduce the target document view by selecting the desired value in the drop-down list or entering it manually.

You can also determine whether an edited paragraph is automatically set to a paragraph state of the task (e.g. Touched) or to the final paragraph state (e.g. Translated).

Further information on the Target Editor is available here.


You can also define character combinations that Across automatically converts if they are entered in the Target Editor. These may be frequent typing errors such as "teh" instead of "the". These can also be character combinations that Across automatically converts into a special sign or symbol, such as (c) to ©. Click Add to add a character combination and its correct form or the desired symbol to the list. An existing entry can be changed by using Edit and removed by using Remove. With Import and Export, you can import and export a list of automatic replacements.