User Settings: crossDesk > crossTank

Under crossTank, you can select the maximum number of results for a concordance search and for a search for similar sentences in crossDesk and determine the match rate from which crossTank entries are to be displayed during a fuzzy search. (The minimum match rate is 50%.) Furthermore, you can determine whether a crossTank search is to be started automatically when switching to another paragraph.

Moreover, you can determine that Across is to proactively perform the search for the following paragraphs of the document, i.e. to create the so-called cache. In this way, the search results are displayed immediately when you go to the next paragraph, and you do not need to wait for the search to be performed.

You can define the caching in such a way that it is generally performed for all paragraphs – i.e., regardless of the respective paragraph state – or only for paragraphs with a specific paragraph state. For example, if you are currently processing all paragraphs whose editing state is Touched, you can configure the caching in such a way that the following three paragraphs with this editing state are taken into consideration.


Please note that the existing cache will be updated by your own crossTank and/or crossTerm entries. In contrast, if entries that already exist in the cache are edited or new entries are created by someone else, these will only be taken into consideration after crossDesk is opened anew.

Finally, you can determine whether crossTank hits are to be displayed with or without automatic adjustments.

The following example shows how it works:

A segment to be translated reads "47 minutes" and crossTank already contains the entry "37 minutes".

Do not display automatic adjustments
Display automatic adjustments
If the automatic adjustments are not displayed, the crossTank hit will be displayed as "37 minutes" without any changes. The crossTank penalty for different numbers is 1%, resulting in a fuzzy match rate of 99%.
If the auto-changes are displayed, the crossTank hit will be adjusted by Across and accordingly be displayed as "47 minutes". Therefore, the segment is treated as a 100% hit, as the different number has been adjusted by Across.

You can activate auto-adjustment by means of the corresponding option in the crossTank section of the system settings under Tools > System Settings > General > crossTank.

You can also invert the color display of the crossTank hits. Thus, it is possible to highlight either the similarities or the differences of the crossTank hits compared to the current sentence.

Highlighting of similarities (deactivated option):


Highlighting of differences (activated option):


This option can also be activated or deactivated via the icn_cDesk_cSearch_hervorhebung-umkehren icon in the toolbar of the fuzzy search.

Finally, you can determine the match rate from which crossTank hits are to be auto-inserted in the translation (e.g. from 50%) if this option is activated via the icn_cDesk_te_besten-cTank-match-einfuegen icon in the toolbar of the Target Editor.