System Settings: General > User-Defined Dictionary

During the spell-check in crossTank, the words in the translation are checked against certain dictionaries. These dictionaries contain the most common words, but cannot cover all proper names, technical expressions, abbreviations, etc. To prevent such words from being identified as errors in the future, they can be added to user-defined dictionaries, whereas there is one user-defined dictionary available per language. The contents of these user-defined dictionaries are displayed and managed under User-Defined Dictionary.


Please note that when using crossWAN, the content of the user-defined dictionary can now be transmitted to the crossWAN user only, not from crossWAN user to the Across Server.

Words can be added to a user-defined dictionary in several ways:

Add Words Manually

Under User-Defined Dictionary, use the drop-down list to select a dictionary for a particular language. Then enter the word that you want to add to the user-defined dictionary in the input field below and click Add.

Import User-Defined Dictionaries

You can import user-defined dictionaries in XML format. To do this, click Import and determine whether the file to be imported is to replace or complement the current user dictionaries. Then select the dictionary file to be imported and click Open to import it.

Please observe the following:

  • If you determine that the existing user-defined dictionaries are to be replaced (not complemented), all existing user-defined dictionaries will be deleted and replaced by the user-defined dictionaries to be imported. An existing user-defined dictionary in a particular language will be deleted even if no user-defined dictionary is defined for this language in the file to be imported.
  • The XML file to be imported should have the following structure:


    <Language Name="LCID">

    <Word>Word 1</Word>

    <Word>Word 2</Word>




    LCID should be replaced with the LCID of the respective language. (LCID stands for Locale Identifier and is assigned to each language. For example, German (Germany) has the LCID 1031 and English (USA) the LCID 1033.)

Add words in crossDesk

In the Target Editor of crossDesk, right-click a word that the spell-check identified as an error (marked with a red wavy line) and select the context menu item Add to dictionary.

Export Dictionaries

In addition, you can export the user-defined dictionaries in XML format. Click Export all, assign a name for the file to be exported, and click Save.