System Settings: General > Quality Management v7.0

Under Quality management v7.0 you can configure existing quality management (QM) criteria for the QM mode v7.0.

Managing the Mode and the QM Templates

Select a QM template from the drop-down list in order to see all QM criteria it contains.


At the outset, every new template contains all available QM criteria. You can expand a criterion and activate or deactivate it or define it as a mandatory criterion.


Using the Actions menu, you can easily add, import, export, and delete templates.



As of Across v7.0 11332, further criteria have been added to the quality management v7.0.

When you export a QM template from v7.0 11332 with new criteria and import it in an older Across 7.0 version, the new criteria will be write-protected during import and cannot be used. Furthermore, the new criteria cannot be mapped automatically and will therefore be designated as <Unknown criterion 1>, <Unknown criterion 2>, etc.

Integrating QM v7 in Projects

To use QM v7.0, you need to integrate it in project settings templates.

Enter project settings template and select the option Quality management v7.0.

In the drop-down list QM template, you can set the QM template.